Dry canyon

The descent of a dry canyon, a journey into a surreal universe

Live a unique adventure in the most beautiful sites of the Cévennes!

Between caving and canyoning, the descent of the “barrancos” will transport you into a unique surrealist universe. Between long abseils and a playful walk from rock to rock, it is an exceptional experience that will not disappoint you.

“Barrancos” means “dry canyons” in Spanish. Carved out by furious torrents, drained since the disappearance of the great glaciers, then dried up following losses or infiltration, the “barrancos” offer incredible shapes and unique plays of light. We propose you descend these dried-up waterways with the help of ropes and small climbing passages. The descent of “barrancos” can be done all year round and will take you between climbing and canyoning in a strange and original universe.

Our programs are based around spectacular sites that are particularly suited to this activity: St Guilhem le Désert and the Cirque de Navacelles.

Discovery Dry Canyons

The Discovery dry canyon option is accessible to children and beginners. These courses will allow you to get your bearings and practice this activity in complete serenity. For your safety, our professional instructors will assist you throughout the descent. They are also there to reassure you, give you precious advice and help you if necessary.

Intensity Dry Canyons

The Adrenaline dry canyon courses are ideal for adventurers who love thrills. You will alternate between climbing, abseiling, and walking; you will contemplate the wild landscape, typical of the Hérault and the Gard. All the routes take place in gorges sculpted by time, a dream playground for rope activities.

Navacelles Canyon


Navacelles adventure route: do you feel like going down a canyon? but you think it is too cold to get wet… No problem. The guides from the Herrault Valley will have pleasure to guide you in their favorite barrancos between Gard and Hérault.

St Guilhem le Désert canyon


St Guilhem Adventure: snuggled up at the bottom of le Cirque du Bout du Monde (End of the World Cirque), overlooking St Guilhem le Désert village, this old breathtaking and wild canyon, will charm anybody looking for adventure in Hérault.

Exceptional Dry Canyons

The dry canyons of Exception are especially appreciated by advanced sportspeople. Indeed, physical condition is important for this type of itinerary. Put on your best trainers and get your adrenaline flowing with long abseiling runs and passages through impressive gorges.

What is Dry Canyon

Dry canyoning is an outdoor sport that takes place in the middle of gorges formed by thousands or even millions of years of erosion. The character of the rock and the geological past of the massif will lead the water to carve its path differently. Each canyon has its own specificity and degree of difficulty. This is an adventure and physical sport with no competition, only fun. For safety reasons, participants are equipped with a harness, a helmet and all the necessary equipment for the activity. The descent is done by walking, climbing, and overcoming obstacles with the help of ropes. Some caving can also be included in the program, adding a dose of mystery to your outing! This real adventure course is suitable for all levels; don’t worry, you don’t have to be a sports fanatic to practice the “barranco”. The specialised instructors will be able to advise you and accompany you to sites suited to your level. The descent of a dry canyon will plunge you into an even more special atmosphere than a classic canyon; you will become aware of the size and calm of nature. Let’s discover this outdoor sport!

Schedule of a Dry Canyon activity

The dry canyoning activity will start with the equipment of each participant: helmet, harness, headlamps, ropes, double lanyards, descenders, carabiners, safety straps. Once the group is ready and informed of the safety instructions, you can set off on the hunt for thrills. Allow 4 to 5 hours for this exciting activity.

What should I wear for a dry canyoning trip? It is essential to wear sports shoes (trainers, hiking boots) and comfortable sports clothes. It is important to be comfortable and free in your movements. We also advise you to take a backpack with a water bottle and a picnic. Once you have reached the bottom of the canyon, a shuttle bus will be waiting to take you back to the vehicles. The descent of a dry canyon will allow you to observe nature as you have never seen it before.

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