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Outdoor activities in Hérault, Gard and Cévennes

The Bureau des Moniteurs is made of a team of passionate self-employed workers, who all have a state-registered diploma in outdoor sports. These outdoor sports professionals supervise a variety of activities : climbing, via ferrata, caving, canyoning, canoeing, aquatic hiking, mountain biking, etc.

As specialists of the Cévennes region, they know the most beautiful natural spots in the valleys of the Hérault and Gardons. The Cévennes National Park is made up of a particularly varied relief bathed in a Mediterranean climate; which creates a perfect combination. Since 1997, our instructors in the Hérault and Gardons valleys have been spotting and equipping the sites to enable you to enjoy sports experiences of high quality.

You would like to organize fun outing with kids ? An activity with friends ? A stag or hen party ? A company event ? A sports trip ? Based in Ganges, the team of the Bureau des Moniteurs is at your disposal to advise you and offer you the best options according to your wishes and your level.

Our experts will accompany you to the elaboration of your project and will ensure an experience full of surprises that will make a lasting impression on all the participants. Do not hesitate any more, put your trainers on and discover the Cévennes; a region rich in history and exceptional panoramas.

Remember to book in advance in order to ensure the availability of your activity on the desired date.

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via ferrata Thaurac dans les Cévennes, près de Ganges
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Via Ferrata

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Adventure routes

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Groupe de spéléologue dans la grotte de la roquette
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Located between the Gard and Herault , near Montpellier, the Thaurac , known for its spectacular landscapes, hidden underground world…
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Jeune felle sur une arrête, lors de l'escalade d'une grande voieau Caroux
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Hérault climbing: with plenty of different rocks, the Cévennes region, with Gard and Hérault departments, close to Montpellier, is a…
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Dry canyon

Between caving and canyoning, going down barrancos will have you experienced a fun and surreal universe. Long abseiling and fun…
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Outdoor activities in the heart of the Cévennes

The region’s natural setting is full of must-see sites and is home to a protected animal and plant biodiversity. The Cévennes Park covers more than 94,279 hectares. It encompasses about fifty towns belonging mainly to the departments of Lozère and Gard, but also to the Grands Causses and Cévennes Méridionales Regional Parks.

Want to know more ? The Bureau des Moniteurs offers you the opportunity to go to discover these most spectacular places :

Mont Aigoual : this 1,565 metre high mountain located in the south of the Massif Central offers gentle slopes, canyons and steep landscapes. You will be charmed by the contrasting and preserved reliefs.

The Cirque of Navacelles : this impressive furrow of greenery, dominated at its heart by a hill, is home to one of the largest canyons in Europe; 300 metres deep. You will immerse yourself in an environment that will give you a change of scenery.

Pic Saint-Loup : this mountain majestically stands above the garrigues, stretching over 6 kilometres and reaching an altitude of 658 metres. Go for a 5-kilometre walk and once you have reached the top, admire a breathtaking view on the Cévennes region, Mont Ventoux and the Mediterranean Sea. This playground is ideal for rock climbers, hikers and adventure route enthusiasts.

The Hérault gorges : this picturesque natural area is ideal for canoeing. The gorges carved out by the Hérault river structure the valley and offer a surprising rocky landscape.

The causse de Méjean : enthusiasts of speleology and geology will be delighted by this unique natural site. Go through a vast network of underground galleries, formed by rainwater; the Amélineau cave and the Armand cave should not be missed.

The Thaurac massif : its triangular shape, its climbing cliffs, its renowned via ferrata and its numerous caves will thrill all the participants, curious to discover the famous Demoiselles cave. It is considered as the largest cave in the Thaurac. This underground jewel contains several rooms, one of which is 40 metres high.

The Gardons Valleys : they are home to the villages of Anduze and Saint-Jean-du-Gard, admirably nestled at the foot of imposing cliffs and by the crystal clear Gardon. Their beauty and their wild character make them a privileged destination for lovers of outdoor activities and preserved heritage.

OUTDOOR SPORTS with the Bureau des Moniteurs

The Bureau des Moniteurs team can adapt to all your requests : outings with family, with friends, groups of children, companies, special events, etc.

Another asset ? The climate. The Cévennes region, located in the South of France, extends over the departments of Gard and Hérault and gets sunny weather for most of the year. Close to the Ardèche and the Tran gorges, temperatures are pleasant from the beginning of spring; hot weather is generally experienced in July and August. In autumn, the climate becomes mild again.

To further develop outdoor leisure activities, the Bureau des Moniteurs creates multi-activity and tailor-made trips to France and abroad, in collaboration with the Apaméra agency. Escape for a weekend or a week and get your fill of sports, unforgettable landscapes and beautiful encounters.


The BUREAU DES MONITEURS : our activities

Our instructors and guides will accompany you and guide you through a memorable outdoor activity.

What do you feel like doing ?

Thrills with a canyoning, canoeing or kayaking trips along the most beautiful Hérault and Gardons gorges.

Unusual discoveries with a caving route; opt for an expedition into the depths of the earth.

An adventure sport such as rock climbing; climb the cliffs and admire the breathtaking landscape.

Fun outing with an aquatic hike; walk, float and let yourself be carried by the current of the crystal-clear waters. No ropes or harnesses, you explore the canyon by means of natural slides and light jumps.

An adventure route or a via ferrata to enjoy several activities; mix the pleasures and combine climbs of small peaks with cave crossings, aerial passages, abseiling or zip-lines.

Safety is a priority for the Bureau des Moniteurs, which is why the supervision of these activities is entrusted to experience, state-qualified guides who know the region inside out. Furthermore, we provide equipment that is renewed every two years. Go on an adventure with total peace of mind and share your opinion and experience with us!

The Bureau des Moniteurs team puts all its expertise the service of its participants. Specialised in the organisation of outdoor activities, our experts adapt to all requests and suggest programmes that are consistent with your project: climbing, via ferrata, canyoning, caving, canoeing, kayaking, etc.

You will enjoy a day or a trip marked by conviviality, the discovery of magical places and the practice of a fascinating activity.

You are a beginner? You will learn a new technique and gain confidence.

You have an advanced level? You can improve your skills with professionals who will help you progress.

The proximity of the Cévennes to the major cities of the Hérault and Gard, such as Montpellier and Nîmes, is a real asset. Complete your getaway with a visit to one of these famous cities in the south of France; give yourself a remarkable holiday and enjoy a varied tourism. The team at the Bureau des Moniteurs believes that adventure is within everyone’s reach; find the activity that will excite you and get all the information!

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The essentials of the summer

Bramabiau Canyon in the Cévennes


You will be charmed by the Bramabiau canyon, an itinerary accessible to all and gradually. This fun descent; is a perfect balance between calm and energetic passages. in crystal clear water, with a beautiful sun and a friendly atmosphere

Hydrospeed in the Devil’s Gorge


Immerse yourself in an exceptional site where the landscapes are preserved and wild! The hydrospeed course of the Devil’s Gorges ensures you a descent over the currents punctuated by thrills.

Canyon the valmale


The Valmale canyon is a real gem of the Cévennes valats. Located under the village of Saint-Germain-de-Calberte, it is nestled in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Cévennes national park.

Thaurac Via Ferrata : the integral route


Suspended in mid air or hanged on a cliff, the Integral Thaurac Via Ferrata will show you most of the massif secrets. Guaranteed sensations! 

Moutain bike : Mountain Bike route in Hérault

Immerse yourself in the heart of a unique environment where majestic gorges, rock and green vegetation mingle. Get on your mountain bike and discover an unmissable circuit of the Cévennes country. This outing will take you along tracks through plains and vertiginous paths.

Initiation to Mountain Bike in Hérault

Explore the trails of the Thaurac foothills, in the Laroque sector. This sporting course in the heart of nature retains the initiation aspect; you appreciate the accessibility of the route and the maneuverability of the mountain bike.

Moutain bike : Anjeau Peak Tour


The mountain bike tour of Pic d’Anjeau promises you incredible panoramas over the Cévennes, Le Vigan, Mont Aigoual * or even Pic Saint-Loup. The circuit will take you through unique and wild mountain trails

Climbing on the cliffs of Thaurac


Ganges climbing: Climbing in Thaurac massif with our climbing instructors, means a full day of rich sensations in an exceptional scenery. The panorama of the Hérault Gorges from the cliff is unique.

Climbing big wall at Thaurac


Do you dream of coming to explore exceptional routes on the Thaurac massif? We will give you the keys to come and share a great adventure through an itinerary adapted to your level and your expectations.

Presentation of the Bureau des Moniteurs

customers' opinion

  • A very beautiful experience from start to finish with the guides of Hérault: great support from the first call for information, responsiveness and advice, until D-Day with a magnificent extraordinary walk to Pic Saint-Loup. . Hike in a wild and uncrowded route, and unforgettable descent with its abseils in chimneys and pendular abseils …

    B & V
  • Each year, we do several activities with the Hérault Valley instructors office and they are all friendly, competent in their field and attentive to each of the participants. Each time we have a great time and the young people are very enthusiastic about their activities.

  • The setting for this sporting hike is exceptional by the variety of activities offered in this natural site: climbing, cave, cave. Attentive monitor, clear in his explanations and very reassuring behavior. A contagious sporting dynamic, since all the participants fully experienced the good sensations: there is something for the muscles and for the eyes in this superb site, what pleasure!


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