Caving, a journey into the bowels of the earth

Discover our underground routes in the most concreted caves in the region

Located between the Gard and Hérault departments, in the heart of the Cévennes, the Thaurac massif is renowned for its exceptional landscapes, but also for its underground gems. The region is full of galleries and caves that will charm adventurers.

Our instructors in the Hérault valley have concocted caving activities adapted to all levels; from caves accessible to all to active networks for the most experienced. Come and explore the bowels of the earth and admire the impressive concretions; in other words, the amazing forms of mineral deposits.

During your caving trip, you will discover the techniques of progression: descents into the void (by abseiling or on a ladder), small narrow passages, walking, crawling, handrail passages, etc. The most adventurous will be able to access a hundred-metre-long chatière, a narrow passage that is quite difficult to cross.

Caving in the Cévennes attracts many participants, eager to practice an unusual activity. Our expert, state-qualified instructors will be your guides on this journey to the centre of the earth. They will guide you and give you good advice on how to complete your itinerary. Are you curious and want to know more about this unique adventure sport? We’ll take you on a caving expedition!

Discovery Caving

Discovery Caving is for beginners who want to take a day to explore the amazing underground treasures. You will not have any technical difficulties to face. You will be able to enjoy this introduction to caving in a horizontal cavity with no worries. Let yourself be drawn into the Cévennes and admire the limestone massifs!

Introduction to caving: Roquette cave


Initiation caving: For your first underground adventure, the cave of la Roquette is ideal: 650 meters crossing, without difficulties.

Initiation to caving: Aurelie cave and Maire cave


A first approach to the gates of the Cevennes caving interest you ? This walk in the center of the earth, in limestone mountains of Hérault and Gard is for you!

Intensity Caving

Intensity caving does not have any particularly difficult narrow or muddy sections. You will not be confronted with passages that require great technical skill. This type of route will allow you to learn the rope techniques that
characterise caving. All the Intensify routes are quite strenuous; thus it is important to be in good physical condition.

Sports speleology: Fausse Monnaie cave


For those who have already experienced the caving adventure or who wish to live a sporty underground day, punctuated by a series of abseils and ascents on ropes, handrails crossing abysses or the passage of cramps allowing access to rooms impressive, this program will be a must!

Sports caving: cave of Genevaux


By embarking on the exploration of the Genevaux cave, you will discover an exceptionally concreted cavity, presenting no cramps or ramping, nor muddy and painful sections.

Exceptional Caving

Exceptional caving will take you into an unknown universe. You will observe mystical cavities on vertical routes. These types of routes are specially designed for sporty, experienced caving enthusiasts who are not afraid of heights. For this large-scale expedition, the maximum group size is 6 people.

What is Caving?

Caving is an outdoor activity that consists of exploring the underground world for sporting purposes. One can examine horizontal cavities (caves) or vertical cavities (chasms).

Depending on the level of difficulty, this discipline requires physical efforts that are sometimes long and intense, mobilising the whole body; walking, climbing, descending and ascending on ropes, etc. As a result, caving improves endurance and precision of movement. Practised in small groups, caving also develops a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity; all participants must overcome obstacles.

Who is caving for? Anyone who is not claustrophobic or acrophobic (afraid of heights). The routes are adapted to different levels; beginners and even children can experience caving. This adventure sport combines the observation of natural curiosities and adrenaline rushes; push your limits and gain confidence!

You will be immersed in a magical, unknown world full of mysteries; you will feel like a true explorer. Are you interested in caving? Team up with our caving instructors and discover incredible spaces.

Schedule of a Caving activity

Caving is an activity that requires specific equipment that is essential to its success. The guides of the Bureau des Moniteurs provide the necessary equipment: helmet, headlamps, harness, wetsuits, ropes, double lead ropes, waterproof bag and can, descenders, carabiners and safety straps.

First of all, the participants will have to equip themselves and pay attention to the safety instructions given by the caving guides. The activity can then begin. Depending on the programme, the outing can last between 2h30 and 6h; either a full day or a half-day.

What to wear ? It is important to wear trainers and sportswear that you feel comfortable in. We will have a lunch break in the underground passages, so please bring a picnic lunch and at least 2 litres of water per person.

The natural cavities and underground rivers of the Hérault valley are waiting for you! Our instructors will be able to advise you and offer you the programme that suits you: level, desire to discover, difficulties, etc.

Do you have other projects? New experiences await you ! Don’t hesitate to have a look at our unusual canyoning or adventure route activities.

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