Sports activities in the Cévennes: combine nature and sensations

The Bureau des Moniteurs, specialised in outdoor sports and leisure activities, offers you a wide range of activities in the heart of an exceptional environment.

Go off to discover the Cévennes; a small mountain range, partly located in the Gard and Hérault departments. This vast territory, protected by UNESCO since 1985, overflows with a varied and preserved biodiversity; an infinite exploration for nature lovers. The Grands Causses Regional Natural Park was also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, a wonderful recognition.

Our passionate instructors, all state-qualified, will show you remarkable spots and guide you through the activities.

Looking for a unique and fun adventure?

Opt for a sporty and fun outing with your family, children or friends. The team of the Bureau des Moniteurs will spice up your activities and make your day or your holidays unforgettable!


7 tours
via ferrata Thaurac dans les Cévennes, près de Ganges

Via Ferrata

1 tour
Parcours aventure avec le Bureau des Moniteurs de la vallée de l'Hérault

Adventure routes

2 tours
Groupe de spéléologue dans la grotte de la roquette


4 tours
Jeune felle sur une arrête, lors de l'escalade d'une grande voieau Caroux


3 tours
canyon sec Bureau des Moniteurs

Dry canyon

2 tours
Vue depuis un sentier de VVT dans les Cévennes

Mountain bike

3 tours
Balade en Canoë kayak dans l'Hérault


3 tours


1 tour

The expertise of the Bureau des Moniteurs

For more than 20 years, our professional instructors have been pacing up and down the valleys of the Hérault and Gardons, a few kilometres away from Nîmes and Montpellier. The team consists of climbing, caving and canyoning instructors, as well as mid-mountain guides and high mountain guides. All self-employed and certified in the field of outdoor sports, they master the territory at the tip of their fingers.

The most beautiful natural sites in the region hold no secrets for them. They put their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm at the service of the participants in order to offer a personalised experience that will remain engraved on their memory.

You will appreciate the friendly atmosphere in which safety is always the priority. Our instructors are used to working with all types of groups: with children, beginners, advanced and even expert adults; everyone will find their place ! They will answer all your questions and share valuable advice.

You can find all our guides and instructors on the Bureau’s presentation page !

Outdoor activities: how to choose?

Choose an activity that is suitable for all participants.

Ensure that the physical condition of each participant is suitable for the activity.

Choose an activity according to the time you want to devote to it.

Define a budget for the whole group or per person

First of all, it is important to know what everyone wants and expects. The aim is for all participants to enjoy the outing !

Another element to take into account ? Physical condition. Don’t panic, all levels are welcome! Some canyoning, Via Ferrata, climbing or canoeing courses are specially designed for beginners and children; others are suitable for extreme sports enthusiasts and will ensure a good dose of adrenaline.

Looking for a less sporty activity? Then the aquatic hike is for you! Wearing a wetsuit, let yourself be transported by the current of clear water, walk in the rivers and admire the lush nature.

In order to choose the right outdoor sport, you will need to decide how much time you want to spend on it : half a day or a day.

Finally, set a budget. If all the participants do not agree or if the levels differ too much, you can decide to divide up so that everyone can make the most of the adventure!

The Bureau des Moniteurs also offers the possibility to select a tailor-made programme with different sports activities over several days; find the option that suits you!

Activities map

Discover the Cévennes differently

Sports activities in the Cévennes

The Cévennes region is an exciting space that will surprise you with the variety of outdoor activities. With family or friends, go on an adventure in the heart of the Hérault and Gard departments. Discover thrilling sports such as canyoning, climbing, caving or via ferrata. Are you looking for fun and conviviality? Go canoeing or kayaking and enjoy a refreshing outing! Our specialized instructors will direct you to the most suitable courses if you practice with children or according to your level. Summer vacation is the most popular time; indeed, the softness of the sun and the luxuriant vegetation attract many sportsmen.

The wealth of the Cévennes

This region in the south of France also ensures exceptional urban and seaside tourism. Visit big cities like Montpellier; let yourself be charmed by the typical shopping streets, parks and cultural activities. Smaller cities like Nîmes will offer you their history and authenticity. Fancy a break by the sea? The pretty, lively Mediterranean resorts welcome you during the summer to make you experience a holiday full of heat and the beach.

The diversity of activities in the Cévennes is an undeniable asset of this region. Leisure is at the heart of this geographic space; all athletes will be satisfied! Are you passionate about outdoor activities? The Cévennes are waiting for you to share an unforgettable adventure!

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