Adventure Routes

The adventure route, exceptional multi-activity itineraries!

Live a unique experience during an outing that combines thrills and technical ease.

The instructors of the Hérault valley are specialised in adventure routes which combine strong emotions and technical ease. These multi-activity cocktails combine ascents of small peaks, passages in dry canyons, belvederes, cave crossings, aerial passages, small rock-climbing jumps, hiking and abseiling. It is also possible to opt for variants and leave the classic programmes behind. Quite exciting, isn’t it?

Let yourself be transported to the heart of the Cévennes, a mountainous region particularly suited to this type of outdoor activity. With your family and children or with friends, spice up your outdoor activities and discover the natural wealth of the Gard and Hérault departments.

The adventure route is a combination of several outdoor activities accessible to all; from beginners to the most advanced. Our team of instructors will be able to advise you on the most appropriate programme for your level. Each participant will be able to take full advantage of the sports activities in accordance with their abilities and desires. Would you like to know more about our adventure courses near Montpellier? We’ll tell you all about it!

Discovery Adventure Routes

The Discovery routes consist of an easy itinerary where you will have the possibility to take ways out. They combine sections of Via Ferrata, hiking, climbing, abseiling; an opportunity to try out several disciplines. These routes are particularly suitable for children and beginners; thrills guaranteed !

The rock of Sion route


Hérault Gorges Adventure route: Get authentic sensations close by Montpellier. This adventure route is technically easy and gives us the benefit of wild, natural and well-preserved landscapes.

Intensity Adventure Routes

The Intensify Adventure routes are aimed at sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers. The routes are longer and include more technical passages. A cocktail of adventure that will allow you to experience strong emotions and push your limits. You will be immersed in an exceptional natural environment full of surprises.

Exceptional Adventure Routes

The Exceptional routes are sporting itineraries offering a succession of abseils, climbing and caving, such as the one at Pic Saint Loup. You will explore in detail a unique natural terrain; you will be charmed by the contrast of the landscapes. Good physical condition is a prerequisite to get into this adventure.

Pic Saint Loup route


Between Mediterranean, Gard and Cévennes, at the doorstep of Montpellier, come and visit an unforgettable viewpoint. The adventure route of Pic Saint Loup offers a succession of abseils, climbing, via ferrata.

What are Adventure Routes?

The adventure route is an outdoor activity that combines several disciplines: hiking, climbing, caving and Via Ferrata. Experienced instructors set up a route and accompany the groups throughout the activity.

The Adventure routes are composed of itineraries more or less difficult to suit the different levels of participants. The more athletic and thrill-seeking participants can choose the more complex option, while beginners or even children can enjoy the activity on simpler routes.

The adventure courses can take place over half a day or a full day depending on the programme.

The advantage of this activity?

You will discover the practice of several sports in the same outing; no time to get bored ! Explore an underground gallery and then climb the cliffs, hang on and abseil, walk along the mountain paths. In short, a full programme!

The Adventure route remains a fun activity with a friendly and warm atmosphere. The aim is for each participant to have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Schedule of an Adventure Route activity

The Adventure route is an activity that requires specific equipment and materials. They are provided by the Bureau des Moniteurs and consist of a helmet, headlamp, harness, ropes, double lead ropes, climbing descenders, carabiners and a safety strap.
To begin, each participant must equip himself and listen to the safety instructions given by the guide. The route usually starts with an approach walk and then the adventure can begin. The participants will go through Via Ferrata passages, abseiling, hiking, underground galleries, etc. depending on the programme chosen.
How long does an Adventure route last ?
The Discovery itineraries last between 3 and 4 hours (half a day) while the Intensity and Exceptional programmes last up to 5 hours on average (one day).
What should I wear for an adventure course ?
It is essential to wear sports shoes (trainers or hiking boots) and comfortable sports clothing so that you feel comfortable in your movements. We also advise you to carry a backpack with a picnic lunch; that way you will be able to enjoy a gourmet break.
Once you have completed the activity, you will head back to your vehicle. If you are tempted by the Adventure course, don’t hesitate to vary the pleasures with our other unusual outdoor activities such as dry canyoning or hiking.

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