Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata, an activity that combines climbing, caving and hiking.

Live an unforgettable experience above the Hérault gorges!

In the heart of the Cévennes, come and practice an outdoor activity in a natural area that is conducive to adventure and the discovery of exceptional landscapes: the via ferrata. This Latin expression means “railway”. Once used by the Italian army to cross the inaccessible passes of the Alps, the concept of these routes is now at the heart of this activity, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Imagine an artificial pathway built through a key site of the Cévennes: the Thaurac limestone massif, located between the Gard and Hérault departments. However, other sites are also equipped and proposed by the Bureau des Moniteurs such as the Vidourle massif or the Tapoul gorges.

What does a via ferrata consist of? It is made up of fitted out ledges, ladders fixed to the wall, cable passages, tyrolean traverse and mini abseiling, nets and monkey bridges. Somewhere between climbing, caving and hiking, you’ll cross marked-out sections and passages using huge natural cavities. What a programme!

Come and discover the Hérault gorges from above and enjoy an unforgettable day with your family or friends, less than an hour from Montpellier. This adventure sport is accessible to all; our guides and routes are adjusted to suit all levels. Children, beginners, advanced or expert adults can enjoy a suitable route and enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean sun.

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Discovery Via Ferrata

The Discovery Via Ferrata routes are aimed at beginners who want to gain first experience. Children are also welcome in this programme; young and old adventurers travel over sumptuous gorges and rivers. Alternate between climbing, hiking and playful passages, without any technical difficulties or complicated passages.

Intensity Via Ferrata

The Adrenaline Via Ferrata routes will take you through a sporty and original route. You will evolve in an exceptional and preserved natural environment. Spiceup your Via Ferrata experience with more technical passages and beautiful moments of thrills. Opt for a physical challenge and push your limits!

Exceptional Via Ferrata

Discover an exceptional Via Ferrata. These itineraries are particularly suited to sportsmen and women looking for thrills; a good physical condition is essential. Expect to encounter some difficulties and to climb to great heights. The whole route will ensure a real moment of intense activity. Try the adventure !

Thaurac Via Ferrata : the integral route


Suspended in mid air or hanged on a cliff, the Integral Thaurac Via Ferrata will show you most of the massif secrets. Guaranteed sensations! 

What is Via Ferrata?

Invented by the Italian military in the early 1900s, the “vie ferrate” were designed to help cross the Dolomite massif. The huge walls were equipped with cables and ladders to facilitate the movement of their troops.

Today, they are maintained for tourist purposes.

The activity developed in France at the end of the 1980s and since then the phenomenon has grown considerably. For several years, new technologies have allowed the creation of new equipment: nets, long footbridges, vertiginous zip-lines for thrilling sensations.

But in concrete terms, what is a Via Ferrata? It is a sporting itinerary that takes place on a rock wall equipped with metal elements and ropes (cables, ladders, bridges, etc.) designed to facilitate progress and ensure the safety of participants. This outdoor activity promises ascents in a vertical environment during which you quickly gain height by simply moving around. The advantage of this adventure sport? The fun aspect, the discovery of magnificent landscapes and the guaranteed strong emotions.

On certain routes you can practise the Via Ferrata on your own. The Bureau des Moniteurs will accompany you on all the Via Ferrata activities that are offered, with an experienced professional. He will show you the route he knows inside out and give you advice on how to climb. He will also be there to help you if necessary.

Schedule of a Via Ferrata activity

A Via Ferrata activity always starts with a presentation of the route and the safety instructions. The participants must then equip themselves: helmet, headlamps, harness, ropes, double lead ropes, climbing descenders, carabiners, pulleys and straps with shock absorbers. The adventurers will then be able to start their journey through the Hérault valley, be blown away by the view and feel a rush of adrenaline.
Remember to wear sports shoes and clothes in order to be as comfortable as possible. We also advise you to bring a backpack with a picnic and water. Some parts are in the shade, but it is often hot in summer or spring in the Cevennes, so don’t neglect hydration!
Depending on the programme, allow between 2h30 and 5h for the trip.
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