Canyoning: a sporting activity in the great outdoors, aquatic and fun!

Discover the most beautiful canyons of Hérault and Gard!

Canyoning is a fun and surprising outdoor activity. It consists of a series of steps in gorges, swimming in narrow passages, sliding down natural slides, jumping and abseiling down waterfalls.

Canyoning is also about contemplating a protected landscape, lush flora and crystal clear water. Take a break; take the time to refresh yourself and swim in a natural pool. The warmth of the Mediterranean sun will complete this idyllic setting.
Does this leave you dreaming? The Cévennes Natural Park has many canyons specially designed for this adventure sport. The union between rock and water has created unique landscapes; the instructors of the Hérault valley will take you to meet them.

Canyoning is an outdoor sport that offers the opportunity to admire the most beautiful canyons of the Hérault and Gard regions from a unique angle. Discover exceptional natural sites where few people have ventured. Are you ready to go? Follow us on our journey!

Discovery Canyons

The Discovery canyon courses are accessible to all and are particularly popular with families. The Devil’s gorges, close to the Devil bridge, is located in the narrowest part of the Hérault gorges. This canyon offers you the freedom to let yourself be carried by the current or to jump and abseil down. An ideal outing to
discover the joys of canyoning!

Devil’s gorges


The devil’s canyon is located in the narrowest part of the Hérault gorges, in a surprising environment, where the profle of the gorges and the vegetaton which covers them will plunge you into an unexpected atmosphere.

Soucy Canyon


Located in Gardon St Jean du Gard  narrows, aquatic hike of the gorges du Soucy is a delight.

Canyon the valmale


The Valmale canyon is a real gem of the Cévennes valats. Located under the village of Saint-Germain-de-Calberte, it is nestled in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Cévennes national park.

Intensity Canyons

Intensity canyon courses add a little more thrills to the experience. To the north of Nîmes and Montpellier, go on an adventure in the Tapoul gorges; a must-see site in the region. Enjoy the green surroundings and crystal clear water; jump into giant potholes, slide down smooth rocks and swim in natural pools.

Canyon of the Dourbie


Yield to the temptation of an aquatic trip in the heart of the “Grandes Causses”. You will be impressed by their richness and their diversity. Look up, you will probably see vultures flying above your head.

Canyon of the Orgon waterfalls


Among all the canyons in Cevennes, Orgon’s waterfall is the wildest canyon of Mont Aigoual massif. This initiation canyon is snuggled up in Mount Aigoual foothills.

Tapoul Canyon


When you come to Cevennes Region you cannot miss the descent of the Gorges du Tapoul canyon. It is the Mount Aigoual massif gem, in Gard department, probably the nicest of Lozere.

Bramabiau Canyon in the Cévennes


You will be charmed by the Bramabiau canyon, an itinerary accessible to all and gradually. This fun descent; is a perfect balance between calm and energetic passages. in crystal clear water, with a beautiful sun and a friendly atmosphere

Exceptional Canyons

Exceptional canyon courses are aimed at a sporty and thrill-seeking public. These courses include a vertical part and a playful and aquatic part. The differences of heights and the duration are greater than the other courses. This complete and wild race will satisfy the desire for adventure of all its participants

What is Canyoning?

The birth of canyoning began in 1905 with Mr. Martel and his team who descended the Verdon. Somewhat forgotten, it was not until the 1970s that canyoning was rediscovered and practised as we know it today. 
Also known as canyon descent, this activity consists of going down the bed of a river on foot. Some sections are specially designed and convert for this activity; the waterway must cross narrow gorges or ravines. To get to the bottom, several techniques are used: climbing, swimming in white water, aquatic hiking or even caving.
The entire route will be punctuated by jumps, abseils, zip-lines, steps and slides. Depending on the canyons, the levels of difficulty are more or less high. What are the criteria?
  • Verticality: this includes passages to cross by abseiling and climbing.
  • Aquatic character: this indicates the height of the jumps, the length of the slides, the power of the current.
  • Commitment: refers to the presence of ways out.
  • Scope: this specifies the duration of the course, the approach and return walks.
This outing is supervised by instructors who are specialists in the discipline. They are responsible for the equipment, safety and the smooth running of the activity.

Schedule of a Canyoning activity

The canyoning activity takes place in spring and summer; it is always nice to be accompanied by a beautiful sun.
First of all, the participants have to go to the starting point. The instructors will then give you your equipment. You will have to put on a wetsuit and neoprene socks, a helmet and a harness. You will also have a waterproof bag, ropes, climbing descenders and carabiners. Once you’re ready, you’re off on an adventure in the canyon !
The activity will take between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the course you choose.
Once you arrive at the bottom of the canyon, you will have to walk back to the shuttle and come back to the starting point.
Canyoning will ensure you an unforgettable day, liven up with moments of adrenaline and relaxation. If you are interested in canyoning, don’t hesitate to also have a look at our other activities such as via ferrata and canoeing. With family or friends, come and share a memorable day in the heart of the Cévennes
and enjoy the thrill of it all!

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