Hydrospeed: an aquatic activity for the whole family

Discover the hydrospeed and descend the most beautiful gorges of the Hérault

Somewhere between swimming and canyoning, hydrospeed is fun, aquatic outdoor activity. Take to the water in a float, equipped with flippers and navigate the rapids of the Hérault gorges, in the heart of the Cévennes. This activity combines unique landscapes and a ride along the water with a touch of adrenaline. The youngest are big fans of this activity; they love to slide down the rivers and gain speed. Our qualified instructors will accompany you and ensure your safety throughout the adventure. This water sport promises you a day full of excitement and natural discoveries. You will swim in clear water, admire the beauty of a luxuriant nature, and share a quality moment with family or friends.

Are you interested in hydrospeed? Look at our different courses and choose the one that suits your desires and your level. You don’t need to be a professional; you simply need to love water and with this activity, you will become one with it. Nearby Nîmes and Montpellier, take on the magnificent rivers of the Hérault valley. In summer or spring, get ready to experience a memorable day!

Discovery Hydrospeed

The Discovery hydrospeed tours are particularly suitable for those who want to try out this new activity. Indeed, these itineraries allow you to enjoy the aquatic pleasures at your leisure. For the more adventurous, it will still be possible to go faster. They are ideal for youngsters and beginners.

Intensity Hydrospeed

The Adrenaline hydrospeed option will take you on even more sensational journeys. These tours consist of rapids, swirls, descents, whirlpools, counter-currents, etc. Our team of professional instructors can assure you that the thrills will be there! The river and its meanders will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Hydrospeed in the Devil’s Gorge


Immerse yourself in an exceptional site where the landscapes are preserved and wild! The hydrospeed course of the Devil’s Gorges ensures you a descent over the currents punctuated by thrills.

Exceptional Hydrospeed

The Exceptional hydrospeed routes are aimed at a sporting public used to rapid water activities. These circuits are more technical, even faster and often longer. Physical condition is therefore essential when choosing this type of course. It is important to be a speed enthusiast and to like thrills.

What is hydrospeed ?

Hydrospeeding is an outdoor sport that originated in the 1950s and is also known as “white-water swimming”. In the beginning, this adventure sport was only practised with a wetsuit and flippers; the first swimmers descended Canadian and then French rivers. In 1978, the hydrospeed float was invented and perfected by the Frenchman Claude Puch.

The term “hydrospeed” is the brand name of the first white-water float made especially for this discipline. It consists of an unsinkable float surrounded by a rigid hull with handles. It protects the swimmer’s torso, pelvis, and arms against possible impacts on the rocks. Over time, the design and use of materials have been improved.

Since the 1990s, this water sport has been practised as a leisure activity for tourists and is growing in Europe and North America. Outdoor activities are becoming more and more popular and hydrospeed is one of the sports that attracts many participants. It combines swimming and thrills in the heart of magnificent canyons and rivers.

It is a fun activity that is suitable for youngsters, adults, beginners or advanced. Perfect for a group excursion!

Schedule of a hydrospeed activity

The hydrospeed activity requires special equipment. It is important to inform us before the outing of your weight, height and shoe size by phone message or email so that the instructors can prepare the equipment.

Once on the river, each participant must wear:

  • a neoprene suit;
  • a helmet;
  • a life jacket;

The instructor in charge of the safety of the group and the smooth running of the activity will explain the basic rules of navigation with a hydrospeed. You will then be able to get on your float and go down the river.

How long does the trip last? About 3 hours! All you need to do is wear a swimming costume as the rest of the equipment is provided by the Instructors’ Office.

The activity is accessible to children from 6 years old, provided they are comfortable in the water and can swim.

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